Far Cry Vengeance
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Far Cry Vengeance

review by Kevin Borosky

Game Information:

When the time for the Wii's launch drew near, and Metroid Prime 3 was no longer scheduled as a launch title, I was wondering what my other Wii game would be (the first would, of course, be Zelda). Far Cry caught my eye, and for a while, I planned on getting it. After waiting for eight hours outside of a local Best Buy for the midnight launch, I finally got the chance to buy my Wii. I had no problem getting the console and Zelda, but was dismayed when I found they did not have Far Cry. That dismay later turned to relief when I read some reviews on the game, and saw the terrible scores it received. After that, I never thought I would play the game until a friend offered to sell it to me for $15. I took up the offer, and as soon as I started playing, regretted it. After about 3 hours of playing however (no matter how bad a game is, if I buy it, I beat it), I found that the game really wasn't that bad.

GAMEPLAY: You start the game out in a prison on a tropical island. The game walks you through the basic controls for the game and leaves you off. If you played Red Steel for the Wii, it will feel similar. You quickly get a firearm, and are tasked with escaping the low-security area. After blasting through a few enemies with the unique controls and slashing a few guards with a knife, you will make it out. This is where it gets bad. The next few areas are too easy, and without too much of a goal, it gets boring quickly. Using variety in your kills is not encouraged either, and I found myself simply shooting through enemies without much excitement, daydreaming about playing through Super Paper Mario or Gears of War again. I kept thinking about how much stronger my Torttera would be in Pokemon Diamond if I was spending this time level grinding instead of playing this.

After the first boring hour, the game began to pick up. I slowly gained the ability to heal myself, use feral powers, jump to extraordinary heights, do stealth kills with only my hands, and dual wield (which works just like Halo 2. The B button shoots the right gun, and the C button shoots the right. This allows you to shoot both simultaneously or use up the clip on one gun, and shoot the other while reloading the first gun). Most of the abilities require that you use power stored up in a meter. You fill the meter by preforming headshots or knife kills.

Now, all of this may have been generic had it been for any other console, but I have to admit, playing this on the Wii made it a lot better. These controls for FPS games are still new, so they kind of make up for the shortcomings of the game.



This is the worst part of the game. You get a REALLY bad first impression during the opening cutscene. This marks the first time that my jaw has ever dropped while looking at a game, and sadly, it wasn't in a good way. These graphics really do look worse than an N64 game. It gets a bit better when the game actually starts, but they never do look very good. I have honestly played PSP games that look much better than this. It almost seems excusable later in the game though, as some of the levels are quite big.



Not much to comment on here. The music isn't bad, but it didn't stand out much to me either. Sound effects are good enough, as are voice-overs. Some of the phrases said before enemies attack get old quickly though.



The story is just as generic as any other FPS's. I wasn't expecting anything though, so it is good enough. Nothing really exciting, but again, good enough.


Overall, the game us not all that bad. Had it not been for the Wii controls, it would have been worse though. I just believe most people were unable to get over those first dreadful hours, with generic gameplay and abysmal graphics. Once that is over with, and new abilities are added, the game actually gets fun.


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